How to use Workplace for Onboarding

by Sameer Chowdhri

The next post in our 'Workplace for HR' series looks at 5 ways you can use Workplace to onboard new starters and set them up for success.

You've landed your ideal candidate. Well done! Now the hard work starts. Getting your onboarding right is a critical way to help new team members integrate with your organization.

It enables you to sets clear expectations for new employees, give them a better understanding of your values, and help them learn your processes. And this means they can quickly get on to the challenges you hired them to tackle.

The changing workforce

The world of work is evolving. By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Millennials. In this new world, people want to empowered and make an impact. They have new expectations about the tools they use and the way they interact with an organization. They see openness and transparency as a given and they believe in an easy, two-way dialogue with their business leaders.

The changing workforce

The changing workforce

Many organizations are lagging behind these expectations. 40% of employers fail to give new employees the minimum support they need to start their new job. In one survey, it took 43% of organizations more than a week to get basic workstation logistics and tools in place.

A failure to get these basics wrong can be expensive. Almost a quarter of organizations lose new recruits in the first year. But it's not only about getting an office worker a laptop or giving your warehouse operative the right tools. It's essential to make information accessible, create community, and provide a safe environment to make an impact.

And here's how you can use Workplace by Facebook to do it.

Using Workplace groups to 'pre-onboard'

Immersing new starters into your organization and culture can be time-consuming. With Workplace you can cut out much of the paperwork by sharing orientation information using Workplace groups before employees even start.

Pre-onboarding with Workplace

Pre-onboarding with Workplace

First, create a pre-employee or new hire group by selecting ‘Multi Company Group’ type and add users via their personal emails.

Once your new hires are in the group, you can direct them to the relevant files or links to pre-onboarding training and resources. You can ask them to familiarize themselves with the company values and read 'What to expect on day 1' material.

Using pinned posts to signpost the essential information

You can also use pinned posts to signpost people to the really important information they need to get up to speed. By pinning threads to the top of their inbox, people can easily dip in and out of conversations without losing context.

Using Workplace to onboard from day one

Welcoming your new joiners into a new employee onboarding Workplace group helps them get up to speed quickly. You can share the right training and resources and introduce people to the social nature of Workplace so they can engage and build connections right from the off.

Org Chart lets you quickly look up individual profiles and team information so you can get to know their location, contact details, manager, team structure and even their daily schedule.

Org Chart

Org Chart

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Make a welcome post to help orient and guide new hires.
  • Create a group for each hiring batch by week or month. Encourage new joiners to reference the Org Chart to get to know their peers and teams on the go on their mobile.
  • Ask staff managers to create a 1:1 Secret group with the new employee and use it for day to day interactions. Take a picture with them and upload as your background.
  • Ask department leaders to 'Go live' and welcome the team members into the organizations in the first few weeks. These leaders can welcome them via a Workplace post sharing about their role, experience and a personal story as an introduction into the team

Using Workplace to introduce new starters to mentors

Facilitating workplace mentoring shows you care about nurturing new hires. And longer-serving employees can also benefit from someone senior they respect sharing ideas and teaching them new tasks

Mentoring can work just as well online as face-to-face. You can set up private groups in Workplace to provide a secure space for mentors and mentees to build relationships.

Cortado integration with Workplace

Cortado integration with Workplace

And the Cortado integration with Workplace makes things even simpler by matching colleagues together based on their career interests and goals.

Using bots to deliver personalized onboarding

Using bots like Boarding Pass by Price Waterhouse Coopers or New starter bot by The Bot Platform can help new starters get up and running and deliver unique and personal experiences. These bots integrate with Workplace Chat so people simply type in a question.

Boarding pass bot

Boarding pass bot

These are often the repetitive questions that people ask all the time like the WiFi password or the printer number. The bot accesses your relevant database and retrieves the answers so your new hires can get on with the important stuff.

New starter bot

New starter bot

Onboarding toolkit quick guide


Groups connect new starters from day one. Reduce the distance between HR teams to the rest of the business. Share new starter training decks, introduce people with welcome posts, and help people make an impact from the beginning.

Live video

Live video in Workplace helps hiring teams show their personal touch. Encourage leaders to go Live in your team group to welcome new joiners and share information about their role, experience, and a personal story.

Org Chart

Org Chart lets you quickly look up individual profiles and team information, it will show you their location, contact details, manager, team structure and even their daily schedule. Too much effort? Try hovering over a name and you'll be able to see most of these details without even clicking.


Automate painful process to make onboarding more delightful. Using bots in Workplace Chat will help new members of the team find useful answers to the everyday questions like finding the WiFi password or the printer number.

About the author: Sameer Chowdhri is the global lead for Workplace for HR. With 20 years of HR experience, he advises digital HR experts who use Workplace on cultural transformation and the future of work to help humanize the employee experience.

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