5 tips for onboarding new hires with Workplace

Give new hires the tools to succeed and integrate them faster than ever.

Congratulations, you’ve hired your ideal candidate—but the hard work is far from done. Getting your onboarding right is a critical way to integrate new team members and set them up for success.
It allows you to set clear expectations for new employees, give them a better understanding of your values, and help them learn your processes. And this means they can quickly get on to the challenges you hired them to tackle.
This guide offers 5 key tips to help you get employees up to speed faster using Workplace.
1. Share Workplace getting started materials
1. Share Workplace getting started materials
Ensure new joiners have everything they need to get started by providing them with instructions on how to activate their profile and how to start using Workplace. Here are a few resources you can share with new hires on day one:
2. Add new hire onboarding materials to your Knowledge Library
2. Add new hire onboarding materials to your Knowledge Library
Knowledge Library is a central home for your organization’s key resources. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to store, organize and share resources with everyone in your organization, or with specific people, right from Workplace.
By storing new employee onboarding materials in your Knowledge Library, you can ensure that new hires activate their Workplace profiles on their very first day. You can also track views of your content and share resources across various Workplace groups.
You can learn more about Knowledge Library in the Knowledge Library Resource Hub.
Admin view of Knowledge Library homepage3. Welcome new hires in onboarding groups
3. Welcome new hires in onboarding groups
Welcoming your new joiners in a new employee onboarding Workplace group helps them get up to speed quickly. You can share the right training and resources and introduce people to the social nature of Workplace so they can engage and build connections right away.
Use pinned posts to ensure the most important resources, such as your Knowledge Library onboarding content, are always easy for new hires to find.
Your onboarding group is also a great place to direct people to Org Chart. Org Chart lets you quickly look up individual profiles and team information so you can get to know their location, contact details, manager, team structure and even their daily schedule.
Org Chart4. Welcome new hires in a social group
4. Welcome new hires in a social group
If you don’t already have one, create an open social group for your organization, such as “[COMPANY NAME] Social”. Use the group to share posts, welcoming new hires to the organization. Each post can include a short blurb written by the new hire and a picture. Encourage everyone to say hello and introduce themselves in the comments.
5. Deliver personalized onboarding with integrations
5. Deliver personalized onboarding with integrations
Using bots like Boarding Pass or Enboarder can help new starters get up and running fast and deliver unique and personal experiences. These bots integrate with Workplace Chat, so new hires can easily find answers to their onboarding questions on the go.
Other helpful resources
Other helpful resources
The tips outlined in this guide are a good place to start, but every organization is going to have unique values that will need to come through in your onboarding process. Workplace is a great way to bring those values to life and ensure that new hires get a feel for the company culture on day one. For more guides, assets and inspiration to help you build culture with Workplace, check out these resources: